Join like-minded and heart-centered leaders who want to impact their families, organizations and the communities they serve.

You're not alone!

Retreats and workshops are a launchpad for connection & success.

Fostering greater communication and alignment within teams will produce results and the bottom line. As coaches we understand the importance to build a cohesive environment to connect and collaborate to provide the ideal experience with the most targeted topics. Whether you're looking for a powerful, perfectly executed retreat, practical workshop, our coaches bring the skills you're looking for to bond your team together for increased loyalty, clarity, and unity to move forward in success.

We are a community of dynamic & motivated influential entrepreneurs, executives, and experts who desire to lead with integrity, authenticity, and courage to live out our purpose & impact lives!  


Imagine what it would look like to...

  • Quickly identify the root of the conflict

  • Approach a difficult conversation with complete confidence in your ability to communicate effectively

  • Gain understanding, connection, and resolution

  • Experience the ability to change mindset, overcome barriers & false beliefs that impede growth

  • Gain discernment to guide decisions that results in wisdom

  • Establish goals and responsibilities to eliminate unmet expectations to bring harmony, teamwork, and unity

  • Turn negative thoughts and words into positive affirmations that edify and encourage, instead of tear down or condemn

  • Develop the skill to communicate that you accept others, and at the same time, establish healthy boundaries with the right words to say

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Join Kirsten for an incredible experience in beautiful La Jolla, CA

3-Day Pricing includes:

  • Transformational workshop to increase revenue

  • Delicious gourmet cuisine

  • Health and Wellness

  • Adventure along the scenic coastline

  • Collaboration and networking with influential leaders from around the world

  • One on one coaching and training to take your business to the next level

Pricing does not include: 

  • Airfare

  • Hotel Accommodations

  • Transportation to and from SAN DIEGO airport, (Uber approx. 20 minutes / $35 from SAN DIEGO Airport to La Jolla, CA.

Ready to grow as a leader?


  • Put principles into practice to maintain peace of mind in-the-midst of conflict

  • Make wise decisions and express yourself with healthy communication to be heard and respected

  • Eliminate personal roadblocks to become more successful

  • Build lasting relationships, enjoy delicious cuisine, adventure, fun excursions, and coaching

Are you ready to get away from life's stresses to grow personally, professionally and spiritually?