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You’re on the verge of stepping into your greatest passion & purpose!

Just like me, you’re created for so much more…
You want to make a difference, to impact lives, to leave a legacy - I know you feel that calling!

There are people attached to achieving your vision.

God will put significant people in your path to walk alongside you, create connections and collaborate on experiencing more than you can ask or imagine with the power that is at work within you!

Your destiny is just around the corner!
Daily, I see divine connections. God’s at work. He’s doing a NEW thing. And I don’t want you to miss out.

Here’s what I discovered…

To achieve your abundant life with power, peace and purpose, you must understand how to:

  1. Provide a safe and secure environment where you can thrive as well as the people around you

  2. Shift motives, attitudes, thoughts and energy for success

  3. Understand & adapt to people’s perspective and personality types

  4. Establish clarity of purpose, values and vision to eliminate unmet expectations

  5. Engage in difficult, productive conversations to bring about transformation

Understanding these principles will impact every area of life!

I’m eager to share my DIVINE DOWNLOADS in my NEW MASTERCLASS TRAINING! It only takes one divine download to unlock your full potential to accomplish your purpose.

I’m committed to giving you my very best from 20 years of coaching experience, raising 4-Millennials, and married 33-years to get you the BREAKTHROUGH you want to have an abundant life of walking in your power, peace and purpose.


This NEW SEASON will move you from stuck to achieving success.
Are you ready to create your abundant life NOW?


  • Power to accomplish more than you thought possible

  • Peace that transcends all understanding

  • Purpose to experience true joy & fulfillment that will impact your family, business and the world around you

Learn to STOP the resistance to MASTER your MIND with proven strategies as I equip & MENTOR you to MANIFEST the vision God has put on your heart!

Join me for my 2019 “Create Your Abundant Life NOW” MASTERCLASS-RETREAT in beautiful La Jolla, CA!

It’s a NEW season to be empowered by God so that you can become the authentic, vibrant and successful person He has created you to be.

If your heart is crying out for more, don't settle for less.

Experience Your Abundant Life Now!


You’re not alone! Create your like-minded community to move forward in success.

We are a community of dynamic, motivated and influential entrepreneurs, executives, and busy professionals who desire to lead with integrity, authenticity, and courage to live out our purpose and impact our world!  

Imagine if you could...

  • Experience fun, peace and joy in all circumstances

  • Approach a difficult conversation with complete confidence in your ability to communicate effectively

  • Eliminate unmet expectations to bring harmony into your home and into the workplace

  • Put principles into practice to maintain peace of mind in-the-midst of conflict

  • Make wise decisions and express yourself with healthy communication to be heard and respected

  • Eliminate personal roadblocks and overcome barriers to become more successful

  • Build lasting relationships, enjoy delicious cuisine, experience adventure, fun excursions, and coaching

Are you ready to get away from life's stresses to grow personally, professionally and spiritually?